Our Philosophy

The way we think, the way we work, the way we live.

  • Our goal is to lead the field, to be the ’state of the art’ in a key area of business.
  • We meet our target markets every need and are uniquely attentive, friendly & warm in the service we offer.
  • Our company is a place where performance-oritented, career-minded people flourish, a place where people take pleasure and pride in their work & results.
  • We set great store by the personal development of our staff and all those who play a part in our core processes.
  • Our vision of harmony means we always treat each other with consideration – knowing that a certain creative tension is important for sucess.
  • The constant challenge of shaping our own destiny and extending our skills allows us to reach ambitious goals.
  • Little Home Bakery strives to achieve the following image: to remain young and cheerful and to offer the unusual and unexpected.
  • We set trends.
  • There is no different between our high claims and our actual performance.
  • Our image is inwardly and outwardly as one.
  • We want success, because without success there is no pleasure.
  • However, we do take our competitors very seriously and enjoy measuring our service against theirs.
  • We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and to our customers’ health.
  • We set our sights high – both for Little Home Bakery and for our family.
  • Our vision of freedom demands the greatest possible independence – in financial terms too – which we see as a responsibility.
  • Little Home Bakery is our life’s work. It is and will remain a family owned business.


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